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Random rambling ...

9 February 1983
So I am Marc. I am a college student, but also ... a Democrat, a liberal, a journalist, a double-major in political science and women's studies and a Unitarian Universalist atheist. Random things I like are: smart women, cute babies, good liquor, nice people, good books, thoughtful conversations, Red Bull, ethnic restaurants, Starbucks, snowy weather, fellow Democrats and the rain.

And my idol is Bill Clinton!

I am bald and I hate Pat Robertson. I also dislike Virginia.

And I am going to be America's next Bill Clinton!

I am too busy for meaningful relationships and have no desire for non-meaningful ones, so please do not try to marry me. :)

unitarian universalism is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Also, I need your help and America needs your help in fighting poverty. I am with Students Taking on Poverty, a student organization that is sprouting on campuses across America. If you're interested in STOP, let me know. Although the banner and organization below has nothing to do with STOP, it is also another good organization that aims at fighting poverty and social injustices. Whatever organization you choose, know it'll contribute to the betterment of America.